Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Story of the Dancing Bear

The Dancing Bear is a very popular motif in Inuit sculpture. The form of a Dancing Bear is one that can be dynamically expressed with joy and often impressive feats of balance. Below is an explanation of the popular symbol of reincarnation as written by Danial Quma Angiju:

These carefully balanced creatures suggest the angakoq poised between heaven and earth, ready for transformation and flight. A shamanic bear can be recognized by a short thick neck, the one remaining sign of human identity. The Inuit believe that after death they return as an animal … thus continuing the chain of life. The Bear represents the “king” of the Arctic animal kingdom so to return as a polar bear is the most favored choice. Returning as a polar bear the Inuk is happy and dances to show pleasure of joy. 

Visit our gallery today to see more stunning examples of the Dancing Bear sculpted in soapstone:

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