Monday, October 18, 2010

New In-Store Displays

Below are some snapshots of a great in-store display of new products including incense, sage (and smudge kits) , sweetgrass, medicine pouches, tea and scented candles:

Our most interesting new product is "Liquid Smudge", a series of essential oils which can be used to replace the burning of sage in cleansing ceremonies. It is a "...unique purifying essence recognized by therapists in many countries. Made with 100 % natural products it cleanses the electromagnetic field, helps to relax, to find new energy, clear mind, helps to sleep and to clear away pervading heavy and negative energies." It can be applied directly to an object or used as a room spray. 

We're also proud to introduce a new line of extremely comfortable moccasin slippers made of sheepskin suede and fleece lining. Made in Canada:

Stop by the gallery today to see all new products!

79 Rue S. Paul Street
Montreal, QC
H2Y 3R1

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