Friday, November 5, 2010

Haida Heritage Centre Presents: Dare to be Deep Tour

From Left: NikaCollison, Associate Curator of Haida Gwaii Museum at Kaay Llnagaay, Nadine Wilson, Patrol Officer Gwaii Haanas NPR and Haida Heritage Site, George Kiorpelidis, Owner Indianica, Jason Alsop, Elected Representative for the Council of the Haida Nation and Manager of the Haida Heritage Centre at Kaay Llnagaay, Duane Alsop, Councillor of Skidegate Band Council
Today, we were lucky enough to meet several representatives of the Haida Heritage Centre who, in conjunction with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS), are currently touring across Canada to promote awareness and appreciation of one of our greatest natural resources: our oceans.

"Dare to be Deep" is a lecture and performance based tour which aims to educate, entertain and provoke serious thought and consideration:

"With fantastic regalia, the Haida dance group, Spirit of our Ancestors, promise great storytelling told through songs and dances. From the ceremonial “Paddle Dance” to the “Dance of the Animal Kingdom”, the dances recreate the natural and supernatural worlds of the Haida.Representatives from Parks Canada and CPAWS will also present beautiful multimedia and reveal the latest news about the efforts to safeguard Canadian oceans."

A word from "Dare to be Deep":

“For the past century, Canada has protected mountains, valleys, rivers – everything on the land. But Canada’s oceans – with incredible undersea worlds and creatures – remain largely unprotected,” explains Sabine Jessen, CPAWS national oceans manager. “As Canadians, we need to turn our attention from green to blue. Ocean conservation has really come to the forefront.”

While nine percent of Canada’s land is protected, just one percent of the country’s oceans have federal protection. Everyone agrees that’s not enough. In 1992, Canada resolved to create a network of marine “parks”, known as marine protected areas, on the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic coasts. Much remains to be done.

For more photos, visit the CPAWS Flick page!

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