Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month began in the U.S. as a single designated day which was first recognized by the Boy Scouts of America in 1915. It went through many state legislative appeals and, even though 24 states endorsed the holiday in 1915, a national day was never proclaimed. Several states designated their own annual American Indian Day, New York being the first to make the declaration, though it wasn't until 1990 that President George H. W. Bush approved the designation of November as "National American Indian Heritage Month." Each year since 1994 similar declarations have designated the month of November as one of appreciation and recognition of Native American citizens.

 The following institutions have collaborated to create a website rich with information to honor Native American Heritage Month:

Library of Congress and theNational Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum andU.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

Visit their site here to learn more!

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