Sunday, March 6, 2011


Isuma: The Art and Imagination of Ruben Komangapik
New book by Ruben Komangapik
Indianica is very proud to announce that one of it's featured
artist has just completed his first book.
It is entittled ISUMA.

Ruben Anton Komangapik is one of the Arctic's most gifted sculptors. Ruben is a sculptor, carver, jeweler, metalworker, performing artist, and musician-is best known for his whalebone and soapstone expressive sculptures depicting Inuit mythological and legendary figures, traditional hunting scenes and game animals, as well as his unique jewellery and metalwork.
His work has been exhibited across Canada with pieces on permanent loan to the Museum of Nature and Culture in Montreal. In Isuma, Ruben's vibrant, provocative sculpture, and his artistic process, are brought to life by photographer Estelle Marcoux Komangapik's arresting images. 

Part autobiography, part art object, this book will introduce Canadians to one of the Arctic's most talented young artists.

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